Is a national programme sponsored by CPCB, Delhi. The details regarding the monitoring stations are provided herein.

Monitoring stations Location Frequency of Sampling Parameters analysed on a regular basis Parameters analysed(once in a year)
Surface Water i) Field Observation:

Weather, Colour & intensity, Odour, Visible effluent discharge, human activities around station,

ii) Physico-chemical
& bacteriological

Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Conductivity, Biological Oxygen Demand, Nitrate Nitrogen, Nitrite Nitrogen, Total and Fecal Coliform

iii) Biomonitoring:

Saprobity Index, Diversity Index
Turbidity, Alkalinity, Total Hardness, NH3-N, Kjeldahl-N, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Sulphates, Phosphates, COD, As, Zn, Cu, Cr, Cd, Pb, Fe, Ni, Flouride and Boron.
Umtrew River Byrnihat Quaterly
Kyrhukhla river Khliehriat Quaterly
Umiam Lake Umiam Quaterly
Ward's Lake Shillong Quaterly
Thadlaskein Lake Thadlaskein Quaterly
Myntdu River Jowai Quaterly
Ganol River Tura Quaterly
Simsang River Williamnagar Quaterly
Ground Water
Police Bazaar Spring Shillong Half Yearly
Mawpdang Spring Shillong Half Yearly
Wah U Dkhar Sohra Half Yearly
Umsahep Spring Shangpung Half Yearly
Narbong Well Byrnihat Half Yearly


The Board is analysing the industrial waste water collected from water polluting industrial unit located in the state. The Board is extending support to other government departments, private organizations, research organization by analyzing the water samples received from them for the purpose of drinking, construction, research works etc. The detail regarding the analysis is provided herein:

Sl. No Source of Water Purpose Parameters Analysed
1. Tap water, Springs, Well, Reservoir, Raw and untreated water, Filtered water, Deep Tube well, Drilled Underground water Drinking

pH, Conductivity, Chlorides, Alkalinity, Total Hardness, Fe, NO3, Total Coliform.

2. Dug well, Drilling Well, Ground water, River water Construction pH, TDS, TSS, Total Hardness, Alkalinity, SO4, Cl-.
3. Industry Quality of Industrial effluent Parameters prescribed as per consent conditions.
4. Stream water, river water, Dam river Research

DO, BOD, COD, Total Coliform, FC, PO4, pH, Turbidity, SO4, Heavy Metals, Cl-, Total Hardness, Ca, Mg.

5. River Consultancy Heavy Metals
6. Municipal dumping ground Leachate Quality of Municipal Dumping Ground

pH, TDS, TSS, BOD, COD, NH4, Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen, Cl-, Heavy Metals.

7. Central Pollution Control Board Analytical Quality Control

Temperature, pH, conductivity, Turbidity, Velocity of Flow, DO, BOD, Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen, NO3, NO2, Total Coliform, Fecal Coliform, Cl-, Hardness, Ca, Mg, Alkalinity, SO4, Na, COD, TDS, Fixed dissolved solids, PO4, Boron.


Sl. No Parameter Method of Analysis
1. Temperature Thermometric Method
2. pH Electrometric Method
3. Turbidity Nephlometric Method
4. Velocity of Flow 1.  Current Meter
2.  Float Method
5. Dissolved Oxygen Iodometric Method
6. Biochemical Oxygen Demand Dilution Method
7. Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen 1.   Digestion
2.   Distillation
3.   Ammonia Estimation
      i.  Titration Method (>5mg)
     ii.   Nesslerization Method
8. Nitrogen Nitrate Phenol Di-Sulphonic Acid Method (Colorimetry)
9. Nitrogen Nitrate Naphyl Ethylenediamine Dihydrochloride Method (Colorimetry)
10. Total Coliform Multiple Tube Dilution Technique
11. Fecal Coliform Multiple Tube Dilution Technique
12. Conductivity Conductometric Method
13. Chloride Argentometric Method
14. Hardness EDTA Titrimetric Method
15. Calcium EDTA Titrimetric Method
16. Magnesium By difference of 13 and 14
17. Alkalinity i.   Electrometric Method
ii.  Visual titration Method
18. Sulphate Turbidimetric Method
19. Sodium Flame Photometric Method
20. Chemical Oxygen Demand Dichromate Reflux Method
21. Total Suspended Solids,
Total Dissolved Solids and
Fixed Dissolved Solids.
Gravimetric Method
22. Phosphate Molybdate Method (Colorimetry)
23. Boron Curcumin Method (Colorimetry)
24. Heavy Metals Atomic Absorption Spectrometry Technique
25. Pesticides Gas Chromatography Technique
26. Potassium Flame Photometric Method
27. Flouride Ion Selective Electrode Method
28. Acidity Titrimetric Method
29. Total Organic Carbon Combustion Infrared Method

2.2 Water Quality under NWMP

Water Quality - January 2016
Water Quality - February 2016
Water Quality - March 2016
Water Quality - April 2016
Water Quality - May 2016
Water Quality - June 2016
Water Quality - July 2016
Water Quality - August 2016
Water Quality - September 2016
Water Quality - October 2016
Water Quality - November 2016
Water Quality - December 2016
Water Quality - January 2017
Water Quality - February 2017
Water Quality - March 2017
Water Quality - April 2017
Water Quality - May 2017
Water Quality - June 2017
Water Quality - July 2017
Water Quality - August 2017
Water Quality - September 2017
Water Quality - October 2017
Water Quality - November 2017
Water Quality - December 2017
Water Quality - January 2018
Water Quality - February 2018
Water Quality - March 2018
Water Quality - April 2018
Water Quality - May 2018
Water Quality - June 2018
Water Quality - July 2018
Water Quality - August 2018
Water Quality - September 2018
Water Quality - October 2018
Water Quality - November 2018
Water Quality - December 2018
Water Quality - January 2019
Water Quality - February 2019
Water Quality - March 2019
Water Quality - April 2019
Water Quality - May 2019
Water Quality - June 2019
Water Quality - July 2019
Water Quality - August 2019
Water Quality - September 2019
Water Quality - October 2019

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