The Meghalaya Pollution Control Board has established its Central Environmental Laboratory in 1988. This laboratory has been recognized as “State Water and Air Laboratory” by the Government of India during 1989. This laboratory also caters to the need of other Govt. Deptts. like PHE, etc. It is equipped with sophisticated instruments like AAS, GC, specific Ion analyzer, UV-Spectrophotometer, Mobile Lab, etc., besides the basic equipments/instruments. The laboratory performs all routine analytical works and also undertakes research programmes.      


Lists of available instruments used for analysis are as shown below:

Sl. No Name of Instrument
1. B.O.D Incubator
2. Bacteriological Incubator.
3. Conductivity Meter (Digital)
4. Flame Photometer (Digital-1000)
5. Hot Air Oven
6. Nephlometer/Turbidity Meter (Digital)
7. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
8. Automatic Kjeldhl Analyser
9. Sound Level Meter
10. Mobile Laboratory & Accessories
11. CO/HC Analyser
12. Gas Chromotograph
13. TOC Analyzer
14. pH system
15. Stack Sampler Model VSS1
16. Respirable Dust Sampler APM-460 (BL)
17. Anemometer (Digital)
18. Hygro-Thermo meter (Digital)
19. Analytical Balance
20. Muffle Furnace
21. Deep Freezer
22. UV-Spectrophotometer
23. Ion Analyzer
24. Photo Meter – SQ118


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